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Coming from Aveyron in 1950 the Cantaloube family is dairy farmer from generation to generation. Living at less of 10 km of Montauban, near the village of Saint Nauphary, Michel Cantaloube works on the farm since 1981. He succeeded to his father and contributes to develop the family dairy farm in order to make it grow. In this rubric we hope to present to you more of fifty years old of history in the Tescou valley.

1950: The family arrived in Tarn et Garonne...

SAM 4840In 1950, Fernand Cantaloube, father of a big family decided to leave his native Aveyron and to come live in Tarn et Garonne. The 11th of November 1950 he chose to set up home in “Saint Laurent”, small place name located at 5,365 kms of Montauban.  

He bought a modest farm (less of 10 hectares), situated in the Tescou valley the land is very fertile. Dairy farmer, only one “aveyronnaise” cow make the big trip until Montauban. It’s the beginning of the herd. This one will grow over the years.

Father of 6 children, Fernand passes the torch to one of his son, Michel, in 1981.

1981: Building modernization...

SAM 5172At this time the farm is constituted of 15 hectares and the herd of 25 dairy cows.

However the buildings are aging and require a lot of fitting.

The cowshed where are the cows is becoming too small, Michel start to build a new shed.

A free animal housing is built. 

Since this time the cows are not attached, they are free to frisk and to eat how they want.

1984: The dairy parlour...

In order to be more productive, the cows are not milked in the cowshed but in new dairy parlour. With this one we can milk 4 cows together. The time spent to milk is divided by 2!!!

By means of these news installations the quality of the hygiene grows a lot because the milk goes directly in a milk cooler. Through these news materials the risks of contaminations are limited. 

A farm constantly changing...

Michel is a businessman and like all the mangers he always wants bigger for his factory.

Firstly he extends the milking parlour in 1992, with the extension it’s not 4 cows who can be milked together but 10!!!

The farm is growing, there is more work and he needs to hire a worker. So Michel is not alone on the farm, he can share the constraints he can also have some holidays. It’s also that the agriculture in the 21st century.

A respect of the environment

SAM 4914Since the end of the nineties the farmers are more and more sensitive to the respect of the environment.

We debate a lot about the reduction of pesticides or about the farm effluents treatment.

In 2006 the farm does a lot of investments to respect properly these new rules.

A new shed is building for the dairy cows and a tank to collect the soiled water.

The water use to wash is treated on the farm with a lagoon system and send to the river.

From the production to the marketing

In 2007 the milk market is in crisis, the price is the downer since 20 years old and Michel has to find a solution to avoid the bankrupt of his farm. He finds a wonderful idea reading a farming newspaper. An automatic raw milk distributor!!!

This system coming from Italia knows a real success the other side of the Alps because more of 2000 are working in this time. Michel must take a decision quickly. In May 2008 he installs a first raw milk distributor with a immediately a lot of success.

A second one will be installed one year later with the same success. In September 2011 Michel decide to launch a new range of product with yogurts farms. But a new generation is coming. Indeed his son Damien will arrive on the farm in some times. Undoubtedly he will arrive with a lot of project to develop the farm too.   

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