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SAM 5081Since 2010 Michel decided to join the association “Bleu Blanc Coeur”.

He was seduced by a wonderful slogan “when animals are well feed, human fell better”. Anyway it’s a very serious association with a real scientific method.

The origin of the association comes from a simple observation did by a dairy farmer from the north of France.

“In the spring time the cows feels better, they produce butter softer and more spreadable because they are eating the grass that the nature offers to them.”    

That’s why we wonder why this spring grass was so good for the cows which are eating it. So the researchers looked at the composition of this grass. They realized that this one had a lipid profile close to the flax one.

They start to work on the flax effect on the animal health. The results are very interesting. We admit that thanks to its Omega3, the flax has positives effects on the animals regarding fertility, the immunity and the vigour.  

Human feel better

Like the dairy farmers observe from generation to generation the spring grass has positive effects on the milk quality. The supply of Omega3 in the animals’ alimentation thanks to the flax grain permit to find them in the animals products.

Indeed the milk is less fat, with less of saturated fat and has a best Omega6/Omega3 ratio. Unlike a lot of quality labels, the obligations that Bleu Blanc Coeur imposes to the farmers concern the means and the outcome.  

So, Michel must to make to analyze his milk regularly. 

An alimentation well-reasoned:

The herd alimentation became very important, Michel asked to 2 nutritionists specialized in Bleu Blanc Coeur to help him. They give to him a real support to have cows in the best health of possible to produce their best milk.

The cows eat principally fodders and cereals produce on from the farm. To supply the Omega3 necessary, flax is incorporate to the ration. 

If you want to know more about this association: http://www.bleu-blanc-coeur.com/   

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